Wallingford Little League, Wallingford, CT


Wallingford Little League

Local League Rules, 3A Division

  1. The managers shall review field conditions prior to game and make the decision whether the field is playable or not and the game can be played. Once the game starts, the umpire will have the final word on decisions. Every effort should be made to put fields in playing condition. The safety of the players should come first.
  2. Ground rules shall be discussed prior to every game.
  3. Every team is responsible for assisting in the maintenance of the field including but not limited to lining the baselines prior to play and upon the conclusion of the game raking the infield, putting away all equipment and picking up trash in their perspective dugouts and bleachers. It is the responsibility of the manager to see that these items are attended to. If they cannot do it themselves, they should appoint someone to do it.
  4. The teams shall not have more then FOUR (4) adults in their dugout at any time.
  5. Any player on the roster is allowed to pitch EXCEPT FOR 12-YEAR OLDS. There are restrictions. Please refer to the Little League Rulebook (Section VI – Pitchers pp. 33).
  6. Batters and base runners shall wear helmets with guards on them. Catchers are required to wear a protective cup. All male players must wear an athletic supporter. (Rule 1.17)
  7. Each team must track the number of pitches thrown by pitchers.

A.    Each team will be given a pitch counter and will need to designate one of the three adults in the dugout as the official counter.

  1. The pitch count will be verified between both team managers at the end of every half inning.
  2. The agreed upon number of pitches for each pitcher will be logged in a conspicuous and consistent manner in the scorebook.
  3. In the event of a conflict, a compromise must be agreed upon before the next pitch is to be thrown. (A suggestion to help alleviate conflicts would be to refer to the scorebook as a backup).
  4. Any player who delivers 41 or more pitches in a game cannot play the position of catcher for the remainder of that day. ( page 38 )
  5. Pitchers can not wear white, yellow sleeve shirts.
  6. Warm up pitches new pitcher 8 pitches, returning pitcher 5 pitches. ( Help move the game along )
  7. Pitch counts   8 yr olds 50 pitches

                                   9 & 10’s 75 pitches

                                   11’s 85 pitches, 12’s can not pitch in AAA.

  1. For the purpose of determining eligibility, all pitch counts must be entered into the online system within 24 hours from the completion of the game, or within 12 hours if a game is scheduled for the next calendar day. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action.  Pitch counts should be entered consistent with the Regulation VI (d).
    • Example #1: if a pitcher starts a batter at 33 pitches and throws 4 pitches to the batter and is removed before pitching to the next batter, the pitcher would be required to observe 1 calendar day of rest and a pitch count of 35 should be entered in the online system.
    •  Example #2: if a pitcher starts a batter at 33 pitches and throws 4 pitches to the current batter and 1 pitch to the next batter, the pitcher would be required to observe 2 calendar days of rest and a pitch count of 38 should be entered in the online system.

Note: WLL acknowledges the many benefits of maintaining a collaborative relationship with the Cardinals travel baseball programs.  As such, WLL Managers will work collaboratively with Cardinals Managers in regards to pitch counts for double-rostered players.   Pitch count information should be shared via text, Google Docs, or by other means as determined by the division commissioner.

  1. Each team must keep score and compare them with the opposing team at the end of each inning.
  2. The managers will report scores and pitching results to the commissioner(via online portal) within 24 hours (back to back games by 8 am) from the completion of their game. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action.  1st time 1 game suspensions. 2nd time 3 games.
  3. ONLY the manager or the acting manager (who ever goes out for the ground rules) shall discuss any situation with the umpire. Any discussion with the umpire shall include managers from each team.
  4. Managers and coaches are not allowed on the playing field without the permission of the umpire. Parents are not allowed in the dugout or on the playing field (see item #4).
  5. Batting roster with associated player uniform number and pitching eligibility shall be presented to the umpire and the opposing team prior to the start of the game. It is the responsibility of the manager to review this information. Any pitching discrepancies should be brought to the commissioner’s attention immediately.
  6. The first base dugout shall be designated for the home team.
  7. In the event an umpire does not show up at the prescribed game time, teams will have 15 minutes in order to select replacement umpires from spectators at the field provided that these individuals have completed a volunteer application and background check if the league deems that there is repetitive access to children. If replacement umpires cannot be agreed to, the managers will be responsible for umpiring the game. Games WILL NOT be rescheduled due to the lack of umpires. It is important to start games on schedule especially when a late game is scheduled on the same field.
  8. Teams will use a continuous batting order. All players bat. (Rule 4.04)
  9. Teams will utilize free substitution for players on the field playing. However, minimum-playing time MUST be adhered to (see item #18).
  10. Due to items #15 and #16, the pinch runner WILL NOT be utilized. (Rule 7.14)
  11. All players will play a minimum of three (3) defensive innings per game and bat at least once per game. If for any reason a player does not meet these minimum requirements, the player will start the next game. The player will fulfill their last games minimum requirements as well as their current games requirements before being substituted for. It is the responsibility of the managers to see that this rule is adhered to. Penalties will be in accordance with Little League rules for two (2) inning requirements (Section IV – The Player, Reg. (i) pp. 31). If the opposing team is not following this rule, bring it to the commissioner’s attention. Player rotation is encouraged. Note. This rule will not be enforced when a player does not meet this requirement because their team is the home team and they are ahead going into the bottom of the last inning and the game is over. It is up to the manager to see that this situation does not apply to the same player’s game after game.
  12. There will be a four (4) run limit per inning,  except for the last inning. In the 6th inning, three (3) outs must be made to end each the top and bottom of that inning.
  13. A game will continue until the umpire decides darkness is a factor and the safety for the players  are in jeopardy.
  14. Base stealing, including home, will be enforced from the start of the season on.
  15. Rainout Make Ups. If for any reason a game is canceled because of weather, it will be rescheduled for the next available day that the fields are available. This may mean the playing of doubleheaders and the playing of games on Sunday. Many times a field can be made playable with a little effort. If a team does not show up for a game and the opposing team is ready to play after the umpire or any board member verifies the field as playable, the team will forfeit the game. All forfeit games will be decided upon by the Board of Directors or a committee designated by the president.
  16. In cases where there are scheduled conflicts such as school or church functions that will result in a team not being able to field nine (9) players, it must be brought to the commissioners attention at least seven (7) days in advance in order to try and reschedule the game. This does not mean the game will automatically be rescheduled. There will be no scheduling of doubleheaders unless the other team involved is in agreement. If field availability does not warrant a makeup, the game will be considered a forfeit by the team not able to field enough players. Again, all forfeit games will be decided upon by the Board of Directors or a committee designated by the president.
  17. In the event a team permanently loses a player to injury, moving, etc¼ during the regular season, the Player Agent shall be made aware within five (5) days. The team will receive a replacement player for the duration of the season from AA division. The replacement player will be considered a permanent player on that roster for the remainder of that season. No player may be active for both divisions at the same time.
  18. All other rules such as pitching/managers conferences, illegal pitches, protests, interference/obstruction etc¼ will be taken from the Official Little League Rulebook. If there are any discrepancies between the Rulebook and the Local Rules, a Rule Interpretation Committee commissioned by the President will determine the correct interpretation.
  19. Fake bunt and swinging away will be considered an illegal bat. The batter is out and the ball is dead even if contact is made.